• I'm Amber "Astroillogica" Neely, a 30 year old tech journalist, game developer, designer, artists, budding scientist, video game enthusiast, serial tweeter, and all around insufferable nerdy type. I was born in the back woods of super-rural Pennsylvania and I currently reside in somewhat-less backwoods, somewhat-kinda-sorta urban Pennsylvania. This is my site.

    During the day, I attend college for environmental conservation and urban sustainability. I've worked with several environmental agencies as a student and volunteer on various projects in the Lake Erie region. I spent an entire summer teaching kids between the ages of 5 and 18 about the importance of watershed health. It mostly involved using litmus paper. I also once got lye on my hand.

    Okay, definitely more than once, but only one time while I was working as a teacher.

    I swear like a fucking sailor, I laugh way too loud, I talk way too much, I'm quick to forget what I'm saying mid-sentence, and I'm notoriously bossy. I have a habit of forgetting my stuff over at friends houses and sometimes I accidentally shoplift because I forget I'm carrying things in my hands.

    When not doing the school thing, I tend to split my time between tech journalism and design/art, as well as any of my other hobbies. So far, I've written for Food Network Magazine, Bright Hub, MacNN, Mac|Life, Vogue, and about five dozen various magazines and websites that no one has ever heard of. I used to work for Amazon for a while as a bottom-rung whipping boy (aka customer service,) and I worked for Microsoft helping to make Cortana suck less for a while. I hated both of those jobs.

    I consume way too much coffee, I cry when I see dogs that are too cute, and I spend a lot of time listening to weirdo music for weirdo people.
  • There's really no reason for this site to exist other than it can. I bought the website on a whim when I had some extra cash and decided to hook it up to a tumblr. Getting fed up with the lack of design choices I could make with a tumblr, I decided to take my chances with making my own site. (By the by, this site is made with Grav and Gantry 5.)

    I don't know how frequently I'll update this place by any means, but I do hope to use it as a repository for my personal projects and as a blog.

    Fuck, man, I don't know what else to put here.

    tl;dr I got bored and made a website.