the feeling of uncertainty you get from stargazing
What's this?
Great question! is my little home spot on the web. Right now, there's not a lot of things to look at, but that's because I've just given this thing a huge overhaul. I'm hoping that by the end of 2018, grows up into a big, strong, website, filled with content. We'll see if that's actually what happens
Who are you?
Fair question. My name is Amber, but you can call me Astro. I'm a 30-something artist and creative type living in the Northeast US. I'm a recent college graduate with a major in conservation and sustainability, with a substantial amount of coursework in critical (non-fiction) literature analysis. For my day job, I do a lot of creative work stuff. Painting. Design. Technical writing. Technology writing. 
What's up with the name?
Astroillogica was born from me trying to combine some words together that sounded cool. It has nothing to do with astrology or astronomy. I had actually originally wanted astronautica, but like, fifteen bands had snagged it before I managed to get there.
So why the site?
Eventually I do have some plans for this site, but there's no reason to discuss them at length here without actually having something to back it up. Right now, I'm just using it to dust off ye olde design skills and sort of for a blog. I assume that blogging is so uncool now that I can do it and still maintain my extreme cool-guy cred.